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Me and Olivia
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Me and "The Hell Bitch"
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I Want This Bike!
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Geared Up For Car Show Season!

Schelley’s Ten Reason’s For Going To Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas For Father’s Day Weekend

Top Ten Reasons I Go To Petit Jean Mountain In Arkansas
1.To be 1 of 100,000 that visit the MOTAA Father’s Day Weekend Car Show
2. To visit the Museum of Automobiles
3. I support Mid America Old Time Automobile Association
4. I have gasoline and oil in my veins
5. I love the mountain air with a little exhaust mixed in
6. One antique car is never enough
7. I love the sound of a vintage car horn early in the morning
8. I needed a part for my vehicle
9. It is a family tradition
10. I want to keep the Antique car hobby alive and well

These are all reasons that I love Petit Jean Mountain in Morrilton, Arkansas plus I have many more. One of my recent articles about car clubs needing a shot in the arm really got a lot of folks geared up including myself. I made it to a meeting and I am proud to announce that my local club the Ark-La-Tex Antique and Classic Car Association is alive and well! Some positive feedback was voiced to a well attended meeting that made some crucial decisions. I got several calls from other clubs and they all agreed with what I had written about. I hope that all the clubs will sit back and reflect on how important it is to continue our hobby of preserving automotive history.
My real job is doing this on a parish level. I am the director of the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum, Inc. in Minden, Louisiana. This is a parish museum that opened in June of 2008. It seems like I am always trying to keep history alive in some form or another. I also am involved in my historic residential district area and our local historic cemetery. In fact I put on an annual cemetery tour to teach about the citizens of the past with actors and actresses. All of these always include an antique car or two in the background.
It has been said about me that if it is old, rusty, paint peeling off, buried or will not crank that I have something to do with it. I guess that is true but I am glad to be known for that. I wish more people would care about preservation in all aspects as much as I do. Cars to me are the ultimate antique and the ultimate way to express your self.
My car changed my life on April 9th, 2002 and I am forever grateful to her! I would never have known any of the 100’s of wonderful people and lifelong friends that I have meet in the last 7 years. Had I not made that decision to drive to Eunice, Louisiana not once but 3 times in 3 days to look at “Olivia” (she is named after the mother on the Waltons), my life would be pretty uneventful. I’d just be plain old Schelley Brown.
Who could have known that one 1937 Buick Special could change my life and make an impact on so many other lives and events in and around me. It is because of her that I am involved with Mid America Old Time Automobile Association and Ark-La-Tex Antique & Classic Car Association. It is because of her that I am writing stories for three magazines. So every time I get behind her wheel a tear or two might roll down my cheek because she changed my world.
I believe in Devine intervention. I believe that God surely had a hand in me and this car getting together. It is because of her that I started the “Cruisin’ for a Cure Wheels through Time Car Show” http://www.mindencruisinforacure.com/ and http://www.mindencruisinforacure.blogspot.com/ . This show has raised over $70,000 in six years for St. Jude Research Hospital! Who would have believed one car could do so much for so many people.
She spurred on a lifelong love of all things antique. An older gentleman once called me and said, “I hear you like old cars and old men!” (I think he was preparing to ask me out) I quickly said, “I like old cars!” That was the end of that conversation! I learned then that a 1937 Buick was like a magnet for a certain age group of men. My friends said you need to sell that car and get a 63 Corvette! I don’t care I love my Buick. I would love to have many types of cars and in fact I have a 28 Model A Roadster that needs to be put back together and also a 58 Cadillac in the same shape. I also like vintage Harley’s and Indians. I just like vintage except for the man and mechanic in my life which is 4 years younger!
So when you are wondering why you need to get out and go to a car show or come to Petit Jean Mountain this year remember it is because the cars you own have changed your life and you saved them from becoming an abandoned or crushed pile of rusted metal. If that doesn’t make you appreciate what you have then you are not really a car person. You might think you saved an old car from the scrap yard but if truth be known that car may have saved you. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the car that you love and that loves you back. If you don’t understand those last statements then you are not a real car person, you don’t have it in your blood, and seeing a restored car go through to be judged for its first time out doesn’t move you to tears. For more information on Mid America Old Time Automobile Association visit the web site at http://www.motaa.com/ join today and make a difference in the preservation of the antique car hobby.
For more information on what I am up to with all of my projects and stories you can visit my blog and from there link to all the rest. http://www.eventsinminden.blogspot.com/ "On The Road with Schelley Brown" Blog is all about me and my family, friends and the things that make up my life here in Minden, Louisiana and on the road!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Letter To The Editor Of The Minden Press

Cruisin’ For A Cure Wheels Through Time Car Show Sends A Big Thank You!

As the show’s creator and promoter I would like to thank the many, many people that came together to help me make the car show a success. Many of these people have been with me since 2004 and this is what now makes it run so smoothly. I am so thankful to have these friends that stand behind me and what I do. They are always there when I ask; it can be for the Minden Cemetery Ghost Walk or the Historic Residential District, the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum and anything else I come up with. They are always there!

Without Coca-Cola Bottling of Minden, Inc this show would not happen. They bend over backwards to help me in any way they can. I am greatly indebted and thankful to the Hunter family! I am very fortunate that Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsors this event for much of the show’s advertising expense. This show pulls in thousands of out of town visitors and those visitors spend a lot of money while they are here. What they spend on gas, hotel, and food makes a big economic impact on this area and that is what tourism is all about. The City of Minden Departments is another big supporter in all that they do to accommodate me in all my many projects. We work for a week to get the fairgrounds ready and they are there for me with anything I need.

Plans were made last year to change the format of the show to benefit two organizations that are important to children. St. Jude and the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum are important causes to me. In the beginning I set this show up to benefit St. Jude Research Hospital because I wanted a way to give back and add to what Minden already does. (To date the show has given $65,000 to St. Jude with another $8,000 estimated to be sent this year.) After the first two years I realized that because Minden already gives so much at the Minden St. Jude auction that it was extremely hard to get sponsors and silent auction items to support the show (a sponsorship for this show is as little as $100 to get your name on the shirts). To put on a show of this magnitude you must have financial support. I have a few loyal Minden sponsors that I can always depend on for any of my many projects I am so grateful to have them. It is because of this that many of my sponsors also come from out of town. These out of town supporters are friends of mine that are a part of the car club community.

I work year round promoting and sending out info on this show. This constant work is why it continues to grow. This year the name of the show was changed to “Cruisin’ for a Cure Wheels through Time Car Show” the words St. Jude were left off and the museum logo and information was put on the flyers telling people that the money would be divided. By changing the format I can do the car show in the future for many causes that I feel need funding if I so choose; such as Breast Cancer awareness, St. Jude, Prostate Cancer, Louisiana Burn Camp for Children, and the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum. In fact the “Boo Bike” Harley that benefits the Louisiana Burn Camp made its 2nd appearance at this year’s show. They have had much success in raising money for the camp by selling the Harley Davidson raffle tickets here in Minden. This show not only benefits our town with an economic impact but can benefit many other causes as well. I look forward to next year, plans are already in motion for another big year in 2010.
Schelley Brown iluvoldcars@yahoo.com
Car Show 2009 Net Proceeds Benefiting The Following (501) (c) (3) organizations St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital & The Dorcheat Historical Association Museum, Inc.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Schelley's 58

Schelley's 58 Cadillac
Click on the album to see the pictures. You can see them in a slide show. This is my 1958 Cadillac in a sad shape. I have lots of money invested so far and will take $12,500 for it. If intrested give me a call at 318-423-0192. Seats have been done just didn't have a picture. Chrome also has been done.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Record Breaking Attendance For 6th Annual Benefit Car Show

More pictures will be posted soon on the site listed at end of story!
“The final totals and bills are not yet in, but it looks like it should be around $18,000 profit for this years show! We always keep some in the account for the following year, since we work on this show year round we start paying bills for the May show in January. I hope to be able to send St. Jude and the Dorcheat Museum somewhere in the amount of $8,000 - $9,000 each! I am so pleased with this year’s turnout!” exclaimed Schelley Brown.
Saturday May 2nd, 2009 was a huge record breaker for the “Minden Cruisin’ for a Cure Wheels through Time Car Show”. An estimated crowd of over 5,000 made their way to Minden’s Fairgrounds breaking the old records of the past. Car entries were also up to the 250 range with car show participants coming from as far away as Louisiana Gulf Coast, Dallas-Fort Worth, Northern Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and even Pennsylvania!
By 6:30 a.m. vehicles of all makes, models, and descriptions were coming in at a steady stream until 11:00 a.m., with lines winding their way down Goodwill Street to the entrance of the fairgrounds. First time car show volunteers were amazed at the numbers coming through the gates. Tourism Director Lynn Dorsey was on hand to greet the out of town guest at the entrance gate as well as Dorcheat Historical Association President Mr. Thad Andress. They helped track where many of the visitors were from that attended this years show.
Show director Schelley Brown stood at the gate for hours directing drivers on the proper class for their vehicle and then waving them on to the next volunteer that would help locate the proper parking spot based on class. This smooth operation is due now to the 6 years of experience with putting on one of the fastest growing shows in the South. Registration is also another smoothed out operation under the direction of Debbie Warner, Pam Holley, Gay Lewis, Mike Deeter, and Vicki Semmes. These long-time car show volunteers have helped over the years and have developed a very efficient system since the first show in 2004.
From T-Shirts to drink sells all ran like clockwork with many first time volunteers from the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum board on hand to help. The museum is one of the benefactors this year from the proceeds of the show, with half going to the museum and half going to St. Jude. “I think my new volunteers enjoyed the experience and they got to see how much work is involved in this kind of event. I can’t do this show with out a huge number of friends and volunteers; they are what make it run smooth for me. That way I can concentrate on getting the cars here and in the right classes. I owe them all a huge Thank You!” remarked Brown.
The silent auction this year was another huge success. Mitzi Madden, Katie and Eddie Sangid have been in charge of this part of the show for several years and have perfected the show’s silent auction. With hundreds of items lined up in the forestry building, this was one of the big highlights of the show for event goers. The silent auction is based on donated items from area merchants, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Minden, friends and many of the car clubs in the area.
“I knew we were going to have a good show this year, if the weather would hold out for us. We had 108 pre-registered cars and most folks don’t pre-register for car show! They usually wait to see how the weather is going to act. The show has had bad weather in the past but has always managed to draw large crowds, which is something to be proud of. Vehicle numbers would have been higher had the Sunday forecast been good. We had many overnight guest that were traveling home on Sunday and didn‘t want to risk damage to their vehicles. One club from Texas came without their cars, due to the predicted storms for Sunday. This club paid to register their cars even though they didn’t bring them! It just goes to show that car people are people that support good causes and care about their communities.” stated show director; Schelley Brown.
The music venue was changed this year to a tent supplied by “Archie’s Tents” set up at the back of the fairgrounds with sound supplied by Durwood Blake. This setup seemed to be a big hit with show goers. Music was provided by Debbie Waters and the Bayou Majic Band with an added singer, Johnny Couch. Topping the day off was the popular performance by, Minden’s own “Elvis” Mr. Mike Spillers. “Elvis” was chauffeured to the stage in a 1959 Cadillac driven by Les Sadler of Sadler Production in Bossier City.
By 3:30 the show barn was packed with a crowd, in anticipation of the drawings for the vehicle registration prizes. The grand prize of $500 was won by Mr. David Barnhill of Keithville, past president of the Ark-La-Tex Antique and Classic Car Association and owner of a 1977 LTD Starskey and Hutch car. David promptly gave $200 back to the show! Partner in Hope booth; headed up by Cora Lou Robinson had some big prize drawings. 1st place $1000 diamond and sapphire ring donated by D.C. Pawn won by Kerry Bryce of Minden, 2nd place R & V Works fish cooker won by Ruth Ellen Hanna of Dubach, 3rd place Dr. Pepper bike donated by Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Minden was won by Lou Snook of Minden.
Many new folks come in this year, in fact one couple from Little Rock said they could now scratch the Minden Show off their “Bucket List” they said they had always heard a lot about the show and always wanted to come but had never be able to make it. They loved the show and promised to be back next year! That is what putting on a good show is all about. 2010 plans are already in the works. For more pictures and information keeping checking the site http://www.mindencruisinforacure.blogspot.com/
Car Show 2009 Net Proceeds Benefiting The Following (501) (c) (3) organizations St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital & The Dorcheat Historical Association Museum, Inc.