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Me and "The Hell Bitch"
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I Want This Bike!
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs

This story has been in July 2008 issue of Louisiana Road Trips Magazine and in the Winter 2008 issue of The Minute Magazine
Well it is official I am now a Blogger! No not a jogger a Blogger! I do wish it burned more calories; but like everything else that I do it requires sitting at the computer. My friend Jackie Lewis introduced me to this concept and at first I thought this will be something handy. Little did I know that it would turn into one Blog after another.
My first thought was since I am involved in putting on so many events in Minden that one for that would be good. I also wanted a place to share my past stories that I have written and post pictures to go with it. Some of you may not know what a Blog is. It is sort of like a web site but you can do it yourself and you can do it very quickly. You can have one up and going in about 5 minutes! There are lots of places to do one; I myself use the Google Blog spot. If you like scrap-booking; which I do you will love to Blog. It is just like an online scrapbook that you can share with your family and friends and the rest of the world if you so desire. They give you the steps to do it and you go from there. You can upload pictures and even video clips and music. It is really something and it is all FREE! That is the best part about it, the FREE part.
If you would like to start your own family Blog get busy you will find it very addictive. I don’t post things everyday but some people do as a therapeutic outlet. It is a lot of fun and also can be very useful. If you have a small business or any business they are great to update what is happening.
I now have 7 BLOGS! My fist one is the one you want to go to because from this one you can get to all the others one from the links that I have added. My main personal site is http://www.eventsinminden.blogspot.com/ . From here you can read 40-50 stories that I have written plus you can see video clips and pictures. From this site you will see my other passions.
I knew we needed something for the Dorcheat Historical Association & Museum as a way of getting the word out about our progress and what was happening at the museum. It was also a way to advertise the cookbooks and our up coming events that we have been trying to do monthly. You can visit this one directly at http://www.museuminminden.blogspot.com/ or just click on the link from my events in Minden Blog spot. We need all of you to become more involved in this museum. Remember it is a parish museum and if you are part of the parish that means it is your museum too!
The Minden Cemetery Blog is a favorite of mine, with a lot of the past Ghost Walk pictures and stories to go with it along with the Trench marker dedication and TV spots. Just click on the link from the main Blog above or you can go to http://www.mindencemetery.blogspot.com/ .
My next one of course was my Minden Cruisin’ For A Cure For St. Jude Car Show Blog. I also have a web site for that but with that it was on the current year. With the Blog it is past pictures and TV clips, plus the stories just go to http://www.mindencruisinforacure.blogspot.com/ or once again you can get to it from the first and main one.
The next one was the Minden Historic Residential District Association Blog. I am also proud to say that we now have an official web site that is under construction by Shaffer Design here in Minden is going to be wonderful when it is completed. I overwhelmed them at first with a disc of 70 plus folders of information and it is taking them some time to get it all ironed out but they are working on it. For the web site go to http://www.mindenhrd.com/ but remember it is under construction. For the Blog site and more information in general plus video and pictures go to http://www.mindenhrd.blogspot.com/ .
Then we come to my passion of the old car hobby. I did one for my car club the Ark-La-Tex Antique & Classic Car Association out of Shreveport. This club is one of the oldest clubs in the State and needed some recognition. You can visit this club Blog at http://www.aacca.blogspot.com/ . This one I am still adding information and will soon have stories of the members and their cars.
Now we come to a very important Blog that I did recently for my Daddy, Nolen Brown. Many of you don’t know it but my Daddy is a great song writer and has been most of his life. He has written thousands of songs and had many recorded by such greats as Roy Orbison, Bobby Bare, Mickey Gilley and others. Daddy also has a young girl name Carissa Amberly working with his song “Some Heroes Don’t Come Back”. This song has taken off and is played on the Bill Mack show on XM Radio. It has become an anthem of such for truck drivers, firemen, and our military. You can now listen to some of his songs and watch the video, on the Blog that I did for my Daddy at http://www.nolenbrown.blogspot.com/ and his web site http://www.nolenbrown.com/
I even did one for my wonderful friend and folk artist Cora Lou Robinson. Everyone loves Cora Lou’s work so now you can see it at the new blog site http://www.coralourobinson.blogspot.com/
Well as you can see I have become addicted to BLOGGING! Trust me you will too once you start. So until next time keep it between the ditches!